Promoting More Pleasant and Healthy Lives by Improving Blood Circulation

Personal Health Care

Blood circulation is an essential life support system that is fundamental to physical health. When peripheral circulation is obstructed, various unpleasant symptoms develop, including stiff neck and shoulders and chronic cold. To help people enjoy healthy and pleasant lives, Kao pursues research on how to improve blood circulation both locally and for the body as a whole. Kao is also working to address problems associated with aging and stress.

One way we have pursued this goal is through bath additives, which include such constituents as carbon dioxide gas and natural herbal medicine. These ingredients have been shown to enhance the warming effects of the bath water, thereby improving blood circulation and providing relief from lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders, fatigue, and chronic cold.

Looking beyond the realm of bathing, we have continued our study on care approach during everyday life. This work has led to the discovery that the application of comfortable moist heat of around 40ºC to an affected part of the body is highly effective in transferring heat, thereby both warming the body and improving blood circulation. One example of a commercial product we have developed in this field is a thin heating pad that can be conveniently used anywhere on the body during daily activities. The heating element is not a powder but a special type of paper that generates stable heat uniformly throughout the pad. When applied to the lower back or shoulders, it improves peripheral blood circulation while easing pain and stiffness.

Composition of thin exothermic sheet

Uniform heat distribution by applying exothermic sheet

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