Three-Dimensional Face Form Analysis to Predict the Effects of Aging

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The physical effects of aging vary greatly from one person to the next, and they can result in major changes in perceived age. We know that facial appearance is one of the biggest factors affecting a person’s perceived age. While facial changes during the growth period are mostly changes in head and face form resulting from development of the cranium, changes that occur in adulthood are concentrated in the soft tissue and appear in the form of wrinkles, sagging, and the like. To analyze the subtle changes in soft tissue in different individuals, we performed three-dimensional form measurements on Japanese women of various ages. Homologous polygon models of these facial forms were created and statistically analyzed using a technique called principal component analysis. As a result, five major factors were identified to have significant correlation with perceived age (Figure 1). It was demonstrated that apparent aging occurred as a result of transformation caused by each of these factors. In addition, by comparing individuals in terms of these aging factors, we found that aging patterns could be grouped into certain types depending on the combination of these factors for example, types in which the front part of the face swells with age or types in which the sides of the face swell (Figure 2). Since the appearance of aging depends on each group’s distinct combination of factors, it is possible to predict how aging will affect the appearance of individuals based on their type. We are now developing counseling techniques incorporating this aging prediction technology with the goal of offering it in a store setting. This research was presented at the 2012 Congress of the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists.

Three-Dimensional Face Form Analysis to Predict the Effects of Aging

Figure 1 : Aging factors expressed as a simulated face forms based on homologous polygon modeling

Figure 2: Examples of aging patterns

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