Polyphenol Research Integrates Lipid Metabolism Studies and Plant Materials Studies

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Kao has a long history of research on lipid metabolism. Using the knowledge we acquired through the process of research and development, we screened over 100 plant-derived materials, which led to the discovery that tea catechins, which are polyphenols found in green tea, effectively reduce body fat.

Tea catechins are known to have various physiological functions, but there was no proof that they had the effect of reducing body fat in humans. We conducted studies to test the efficacy on human subjects, where we showed for the first time that people who continuously ingested 540 mg of tea catechins per day experienced a reduction in body fat. In addition, our respiratory gas analysis on mechanisms through which tea catechins reduce body fat demonstrated that continuous ingestion of tea catechins helps burn more dietary fat, and that regular ingestion of tea catechins, coupled with light exercise, increases fat burning still further during physical activity. Based on these results, Kao has launched a series of products that contain tea catechins, including Healthya Green Tea, Healthya Water, and Healthya Sparkling, which are approved as Food for Specified Health Use by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, with the following label claim: “Due to the high content of tea catechin, this drink promotes fat utilization as energy, and is suitable for people who are concerned about body fat.”

Structure of tea catechins and their effect on body fat

Structure of typical tea catechins

Changes in total abdominal fat area

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