Continuous Innovation of Enzymes for Detergent Use

Fabric Care

In 1987, we introduced Attack laundry detergent with alkaline cellulase, which acts in the amorphous region of cotton fibers to effectively remove trapped stains. This provided dramatically improved detergency by utilizing a new cleaning mechanism. Since then, we have developed a new alkaline cellulase that resists heat, is stable under practical cleaning conditions, and performs with a high level of detergency. We also developed a new alkaline protease that removes protein-like stains effectively while further strengthening its activity. Using the latest biotechnology, we will continue these efforts to seek out the most effective enzymes available for detergent applications.

Catalytic domain structure of the new alkaline cellulase

Catalytic domain structure of the new alkaline protease

Cross section of undershirt’s cotton fiber (sebum trapped in the amorphous region of the fiber)

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