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Since its establishment, Kao has offered consumers cutting-edge soap and detergent products in its ongoing quest to deliver ever-higher levels of cleanliness. Prominent among these products is powder detergent Attack. Launched in 1987, Attack was a concentrated detergent that was one of the first environmentally friendly products in the field, setting a global standard immediately by reducing the amount of resources used in packaging and the amount of energy used in production and distribution. There was a shift toward energy- and water-saving washing machines, which led to larger loads, less water, and shorter wash time. In addition to economy, consumers are now giving increasingly greater importance to environmental and ethical issues. Keeping up with such changes in consumer attitudes and behavior, Kao is working on the development of the following technologies: a technology for the rapid dissolution of powder detergent to help bring out its high detergency under water-saving conditions, and a technology for optimal packaging specifications for refill products.

Principal components of powder detergents are surfactants as well as builders, which support the function of the surfactants. Particles of conventional detergents, which were produced by mixing together surfactants and builders, would dissolve from the surface toward the center, which tended to place a limit on the dissolution speed. To address this issue, Kao first developed a technology in which a hollow particle structure was built using highly soluble builders, so that the inorganic salts quickly dissolve upon contact with water, allowing the particles to break up from inside instantly. This was followed with success in providing a porous structure to these hollow builder particles, which could now absorb a large amount of surfactants. This is how the rapidly dissolving spherical detergent particles, or the “microparticles with an air-in structure,” were developed.

In 2013, Attack Highly-Active Bio-EX Refill Pack was launched. By recycling the carton and spoon, the refill pack for this powder detergent reduced the container-related CO2 emission by about 60% and the waste weight by about 90% compared to the regular box product, making it an environmentally friendlier choice. The entire pack is designed to fit into the box, and comes with an easy hand-tear tab for opening; this design makes refilling simpler and prevents powder from scattering during the process, giving peace of mind to consumers. This is a new system created by Kao, with a focus on the environment, simplicity, and user-friendliness.

With its persistence in research and development in the pursuit of ideal detergents, the Attack brand has received strong support from consumers.

Kao will continue its efforts to develop products that offer innovative value, with the aim of further improving consumer value and reducing environmental impact.

Reduced environmental impact

Reusing box and spoon to reduce waste weight by approx. 90%

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