Our Purpose-Driven Brands

Our product brands and business brands are important touchpoints between Kao and consumers. Each brand has its own brand purpose associated with Kao’s purpose and works to solve issues faced by each customer and their family, community, and society.

Hygiene and Living Care Business


Products Simple Enough for Anyone to Use―Bath Magiclean

Bath Magiclean Airjet was released in September 2021 and is a next-generation bath cleaner that makes it possible for anyone to easily remove stains without scrubbing by soaking the bath for 30 seconds using the continuous spray mist that can easily spray an even and light coating of mist-like cleaner and the newly developed quick acting dissolving formula. Not only does this allow anyone to effortlessly complete housework, but this product is not physically taxing for senior citizens who feel strained when cleaning baths and for people who have physical disabilities.
Magiclean continues to strive for hygienic home solutions which anyone can live in with peace of mind, while taking into account the trend toward diverse lifestyles and greater diversity in how housework responsibilities are allocated.

Bath Magiclean Airjet

Bathtub being cleaned with continuous spray mist


Adopt 100% Recycled Plastics Bottles*

In April 2021, we incorporated bottles* using 100% recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) in Attack ZERO laundry detergents and CuCute Dishwashing Foam Spray bottles. By 2025, we will use recycled PET for all of our household and personal care packaging using PET bottles*.

  • *
    Excluding colorants, label film, pumps and caps

Attack ZERO series

CuCute CLEAR Foam Spray series


Contribute to Greening and Carbon Fixation for Waste from Disposable Diapers

In collaboration with Kyoto University, we began field testing in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture to establish a Used Disposable Diaper Carbonization Recycling System. By efficiently converting used disposable diapers to a carbon material using less energy, we will help reduce our environmental impact.

Co-developed carbonization equipment

Used disposable diapers being put into the device

Health and Beauty Care Business


Joy of Bathing with Wonderfully Sumptuous Lather

A great effort has gone into the lathering qualities of our product to ensure gentler and more thorough washing. The new pump dispenser dispenses 150% more lather than before* with one push. From the body wash, face wash, shampoo, to conditioner, the special lather makes the bathing experience especially enjoyable.

  • *
    Compared to Kao’s conventional face washes

Bioré u The Body series

Bioré The Face Foam Face Washing series


Yasumi Yasumi: A crossover project with multiple brands to help people relax and refresh

Help people build healthy habits which are easy to incorporate so that they can always enjoy their favorite things in their daily lives.

Bub Medi-cure

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

Life Care Business


Encouraging healthy habits by visualizing visceral fat levels, blood pressure, and step counts

The official Healthya account on LINE offers “Monitoring Health” to record and manage one’s health. COVID-19 has raised health awareness, and the goal here is to help people easily check their visceral fat levels, blood pressure, and step counts. This service helps make healthy living a habit while letting users earn LINE Points.

Screenshot: “Monitoring Health” of the Healthya’s official LINE account

Kao Professional Services

“Flying with the Power of Kirei on Our Wings.”
Kao Supports Japan Airline’s Measures against Infectious Diseases

Kao supports “JAL FlySafe Measures,” a detailed set of measures by Japan Air Lines (JAL) to prevent the spread of infectious diseases at airports and inside airplanes. As part of this initiative, Kao supervised the creation of the cleaning manual. Kao’s monitoring technologies was used to quantify the hygiene level, and interpreted the results to give advice on areas of improvement.

Poster: A New Level of Cleanliness in the Air. Together, JAL and Kao are working to improve hygiene and cleanliness.

Cosmetics Business


Creating opportunities to express yourself free from stereotypes

KATE has been conducting an initiative to strengthen its bond with customers by offering new UX that combines products with unique digital communication, to help customers enjoy makeup more.
“MAKEUP LAB.” on the official KATE LINE account offers a makeup method where users scan their face using a smartphone to see not just what makeup suits them but the look they want. In spring 2022, the brand launched “KATE 360° FACE,” shopping content that allows consumers to purchase the items they want quickly.



Sustainable UV

In Spring 2022, ALLIE completely revamped “Think Sustainability, Be Beautiful” with a concept incorporating the desire for people to keep the world and themselves beautiful. Newly launched ALLIE CHRONO BEAUTY line adopts Beach Friendly formula which is designed to conform to the regulations enacted in some countries, regions and beaches*2. The outer packaging of this product utilizes FSC-certified paper and reduces the plastic used. We continue to implement activities that will lead to environmental conservation such as using biomass material in parts of our packaging.

  • *
    The regulations are subject to change.



Femtech* Initiatives

TWANY values the provision of beauty that lasts a lifetime, staying attuned to users’ skin types, based on their “rhythm of beauty” over each day, a month, a year, and entire life.
Through this course, the brand aims to support women in learning about their body, mind, and beauty so that they can lead fulfilling lives.

  • *
    Since March 2021, the brand has been collaborating with the women’s health information service “LunaLuna” (operated by MTI Co., Ltd.) to offer a course titled Femcare School.

Logo: FemCareSchool supported by TWANY and LunaLuna

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