Our Purpose-Driven Brands

Our product brands and business brands are important touchpoints between Kao and consumers. Each brand has its own brand purpose associated with Kao’s Purpose and works to solve issues faced by each customer and their family, community, and society.
On this page we showcase highlights of our purpose-driven brand activities from January 2022 to May 2023.

Hygiene and Living Care Business


Logo: Magiclean

Eliminate hygiene concerns in living spaces so everyone has peace of mind at home.

Products Simple Enough for Anyone to Use―Bath Magiclean and Kitchen Magiclean

We are engaging in product development not only to allow anyone to effortlessly complete housework, but also to make it easier for senior citizens who feel strained when cleaning baths and for people who have physical disabilities.
Bath Magiclean Air Jet was launched in 2021, making it possible for anyone to easily remove stains by soaking the bath for 30 seconds without scrubbing, using the continuous spray mist that can easily spray an even and light coating of mist-like cleaner, as well as a quick acting dissolving formula. Following this, Kitchen Magiclean Foam Jet was launched in 2022 with long-lasting foam that easily removes everyday kitchen stains in everything from stoves to sinks.
Magiclean continues to strive for hygienic home solutions which anyone can live in with peace of mind, while taking into account the trend toward diverse lifestyles and greater diversity in how housework responsibilities are allocated.

Bathtub being cleaned with the continuous spray mist of Bath Magiclean Air Jet

The area from the stove to the sink being sprayed all in one go with Kitchen Magiclean Foam Jet


Logo: Attack

Brighten Your Day with True Cleanliness.

Logo: CuCute

Realize a smile-filled lifestyle, sharing kitchen chores by all family members.

Adopt 100% Recycled Plastics Bottles*1

In April 2021, we incorporated bottles*1 using 100% recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) in Attack ZERO laundry detergents and CuCute Dishwashing Foam Spray bottles. By 2025, we will use recycled PET for all of our household and personal care packaging using PET bottles*1 .

  • * 1 Excluding colorants, label film, pumps and caps

Attack ZERO series

CuCute CLEAR Foam Spray series


Logo: Laurier

To brighten and enrich each people’s life by offering reliable protection and comfort.

Laurier in Workplace: A project to ensure that sanitary napkins are available at the workplace, sparked by the opinions of working people.

Getting your period at the workplace can be a lot of trouble, whether it happens in the middle of a task or before a meeting. It can also be hard to leave during work to buy sanitary napkins. To reduce the stress associated with menstruation as much as possible, we are promoting an initiative to make sanitary napkins a regular amenity in workplace restrooms. We started implementing this project in 2022 at companies which agreed to the initiative. Our goal is to keep promoting this project in order to generate a positive cycle which benefits both workers and companies, and to help create a more supportive and inclusive work environment for all.

Laurier in Workplace logo

Image of Laurier in the workplace restroom

Health and Beauty Care Business


Logo: Bioré

Skin is how humans make contact with the world. Our skin connects us with each other, and society.

A new business to protect future lives from mosquitoes: Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum*2

In Thailand, we launched Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum that protects skin from mosquitoes in daily life with a safe and comfortable feel after use. In addition, we started the #GUARD OUR FUTURE project through a wide-ranging collaboration alongside partners in government, academia and the private sector with an aim to reduce harm from dengue fever. We received delighted feedback from customers in Thailand, and this also became a popular topic in Japan. We will expand the product variations for more diverse usage methods and occasions. We will also collaborate with our partners and respond swiftly to the different regulations in each country to expand our business around areas beyond Thailand.

  • * 2 This product has been launched only in Thailand.

Bioré GUARD Mos Block Serum

#GUARD OUR FUTURE project logo

Educational activities regarding dengue fever at a school in Thailand

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Logo: PureOra

Bringing excitement and satisfaction to oral care for 36,500 days

Preventive care for gums and teeth: A new proactive approach for reducing the risk of dental problems

The PureOra36500 series, which focuses on preventive care for gums and teeth, was launched in 2023 under the PureOra range. One product in this series is PureOra36500 Medicated Cream Toothpaste with Strong Gum Adhesion, which features a cream-like formula that noticeably sticks to the gums, so you can feel it working. We focused on creating a formula that delivers medicinal ingredients effectively over time. It makes gums stronger with each brushing and helps prevent periodontal disease*3 . This product also features a pump dispenser which allows for easy use until the last drop, with minimal force required, thus eliminating the stress of squeezing out the last bit of product. We have cut waste plastic by 38%*4 using a refillable design with replaceable internal packs.

  • * 3 Periodontal disease refers to gingivitis and periodontitis
  • * 4 Excluding the holder and pump. This percentage is based on the amount of waste plastic reduced in relation to the amount of product replaced (compared with a PureOra 115g tube)


The pump dispenser is designed to deliver easy use until the last drop

Life Care Business


Logo: Healthya

Help people build healthy habits which are easy to incorporate so that they can always enjoy their favorite things in their daily lives.

Transforming from a brand known for reducing visceral fat to a brand which supports healthy living

The Healthya brand was originally created with the goal of helping people make healthy choices in familiar everyday places. Healthya empowers customers to make choices that lead to good health.
Healthya celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2023. It’s returning to its original concept and being reborn as a health assistance brand which supports consumers in making steps towards healthy living. In late March, we held an advertisement campaign spanning the entire stairway in Roppongi Station on the Toei Oedo Line, the deepest train station in Japan. The message was that Healthya supports healthy living. As a result of the ad, the ratio of stair users increased by 20%, showing how we can make a difference in people’s behavior.
Going forward, we want to help people recognize the healthy things they do and to encourage them that they can maintain good health. The Healthya brand will assist people in enjoying healthy activities more and boost the effects of everyday healthy behavior.

Advertisements covering the walls of a stairwell in Roppongi Station on the Toei Oedo Line

Kao Professional Services

Logo: Kao Professional Services

Solutions Go Above and Beyond.

Logo: Kiralia Hygiene

Making hygiene management an engine for corporate growth

In 2023, we established Kiralia Hygiene Co., Ltd. as a 100% subsidiary of Kao Professional Services Co., Ltd. (KPS), and launched B2B Hygiene Solutions Business. By combining the advanced technologies for assessing and analyzing risk related to contagious diseases made possible through Kao’s pathological bacteria and virus countermeasure research, and integrating these with the professional insight on hygiene management cultivated by KPS, we will develop and roll out new hygiene solutions to support companies and organizations which are fighting contagious diseases.
We will keep environments hygienic by working to provide solutions with even greater expertise that stay close to customers’ individual needs. Our aim is to realize a society in which all people can live to 100 years and enjoy good health and peace of mind.

Cosmetics Business



Going beyond beauty, KANEBO heightens hope

PAINT HOPE on WALL: Let’s draw a big smile together!

The KANEBO brand aims to create unique products with messages of hope for the future and bring new insights for overcoming stereotypes and breaking free from despair.
To achieve this vision, we are committed to creating an exciting future where everyone can unleash their potential and express their personality through cosmetics, with activities that support new generations and care for the environment.
In November 2022, we held an art event “PAINT HOPE on WALL: Let’s draw a big smile together!” Its goal was to provide an opportunity for children to encourage to be creative and bring out their individualities. The paint used in this event was made from prototype makeup products that did not make it to market. The event allowed children to freely draw pictures on a wall-to-wall canvas. We hope that the experience helped them discover their potential and develop hope for the future.

Let’s draw a big smile together!

At the end of the event, the wall was filled with smiling faces of the children


Logo: Curél

Providing comprehensive assistance to improve quality of life for people with dry, sensitive skin

Curél Skin Care for everyone: Making skin care fun for all people, regardless of disability

Curél is a brand for dry, sensitive skin. To help people struggling with concerns related to sensitive skin, we provide products for the face, body and scalp that moisturize and protect and replenish the function of “ceramides”. We also carry out activities to raise awareness of effective skin care methods.
Some of our customers may have visual, hearing or limb disabilities. To help, we created seven skin care videos. These barrier-free videos feature illustrations and audio which can be easily understood with the sound off or on.
We hope that these videos help more people to enjoy skin care and spark discourse about barrier-free options in the field.



Evolve into a brand that embraces an authentic and impactful ‘Duty of Care’ for our Brand, our Customers, our People & our Planet

Pursuing positive luxury: Environmental initiatives with packaging

Ever since its establishment in the 1970s, Molton Brown has continually pursued positive luxury. In 2022, it started selling reusable containers as well as “Aroma Reeds & Refills” at online and physical stores in Europe and North America. These refills have the potential to cut the use of disposable plastics by 82%.
From June 2023, we started selling reusable Infinite Bottles for bath and shower gels via our online store. These bottles are made from 100% recycled aluminum*5 that can be recycled again down the line, potentially reducing CO2 emissions by 83%.
Molton Brown will continue to pursue product development to consider the environment and aim to make 50% of its product packaging recyclable and refillable by 2030.

  • * 5 Excluding the pump components

Aroma Reeds & Refills

Infinite Bottle

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