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Molton Brown New Partnership with Loop in London


Our conscious care for the world has been ongoing since our beginnings in the early '70s, staying true to our founders' belief that luxury and sustainability work hand-in-hand. We were one of the first in the UK to never test on animals and have remained entirely cruelty free from the very start. Currently 100% vegetarian, we will be 100% vegan by 2022. We strive to take an ethical approach with every practice. Since 2016, our factory has been powered by renewable electricity, while 97% of its waste is recycled, with an ambition to reach 100% by 2025. By this time, we also have plans to be net carbon neutral and have zero landfill waste. Our Bath, Body and Hand collection bottles will be manufactured from 50% recycled PET by the end of 2020 - erasing disposable beauty step by step.

"Driven by our pioneering legacy, our mission is to rewrite the rules of Luxury; putting uncompromising care at the heart of everything we do - be it with our People, our Products or our Places. With these new initiatives, we are leveraging the focus on sustainability which already exists within both the brand's DNA and our working practices to set Molton Brown apart as a Pioneer in Luxury Sustainable Lifestyles." Mark Johnson, CEO

To build on our sustainable journey, we're excited to announce our new partnership with Loop - a ground-breaking global shopping platform that reduces waste and single-use plastic. Launched in May 2019 in Paris and New York City, it's made its way to London, partnering with retailers to refill consumer products and deliver them straight to their doorstep. Founded by the creator of TerraCycle, the international recycling leader, Loop sets itself apart by focusing on reusing a product rather than recycling it; saving the time and energy that's put into sorting, processing and transforming materials into something new.
You will be able to order three of our iconic Fine Liquid Hand Washes from Loop: Orange & Bergamot, Delicious Rhubarb & Rose and Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel. These beloved classics are housed in our new 200ml glass bottles, specially designed for refilling and reusing, and will soon be available to purchase separately in-store.

How it Works in London
Shop: Order your Molton Brown hand wash, and any other items you wish, from
Receive: Loop will deliver your exquisite yet durable bottles in their exclusively designed tote bag, eliminating the need for any throw-away packaging or cardboard boxes.
Return: Once you’ve finished, pop your bottles back into the tote bag and Loop will come to collect it.
Replenish: Loop will clean your glass bottle, using the highest quality hygiene technology and send it to us to replenish with our signature blend. Loop will then deliver it back to you to use again and again.

"We’re proud to partner with Loop, a truly game-changing way of sustainable living. This system, the first of its kind, aligns with our core belief of putting the environment first. By allowing our customers to experience our products endlessly and ethically, without compromising on quality, Loop helps us eradicate waste and keeps our earth thriving." Beatrice Descorps, Global Vice President, Marketing

About Molton Brown

Molton Brown is an iconic British luxury lifestyle brand that gloriously holds a Royal Warrant for the supply of toiletries by appointment to Her Majesty, the Queen. The upscale brand offers a wide range of high-quality lifestyle products, including bath and shower gels, hand washes, hair care products, with a focus on bold fragrances and stylish packaging. Since its inception in 1971 the brand has been committed to "Made in England*," expertly blending rare and exotic plant ingredients sourced around the world in almost all of its products.
Currently operating in more than 70 countries worldwide, primarily in Europe, Molton Brown products are often found as amenities in luxurious hotels and airlines across the world. In 2005, the brand became a member of the Kao Group.
Currently, the Kao Group is actively promoting the "creation of strong brands" through initiatives based on the New Global Portfolio of the Cosmetics Business, which was formulated in May 2018. As part of the New Global Portfolio, Molton Brown is one of the "G11" prestige global brands, and with the launch of this high-end fragrance collection last year, they aim to establish brand recognition for Molton Brown as a fine fragrance house and further expand our business operations in Asia. It is also engaged in integrating ESG into the business.

  • * Certain hair care products and hotel amenities are not made in England.
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