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Kao Implements Activities to Establish Cleanliness and Hygiene Practices as Part of the Hygiene Development Program in Vietnam

Kao is conducting the Hygiene Development Program in Vietnam to contribute to establishing cleanliness and hygiene practices in Vietnam. This program consists of four parts: Leader Development for Infection Control, Scholarship for Hygiene Management, Water and Sanitation Project for Schools, and Enhancing Hygiene in the Community.

Introduction to the various activities

Leader Development for Infection Control

The Leader Development for Infection Control program aims to ensure hand hygiene among medical staff to improve infection control and the hygiene environment in hospitals, primarily working with the Department of Infection Control at Hanoi Medical University Hospital. Monitoring to verify actual conditions of staff hand hygiene began in May, and training for staff were held starting in August. Opinion exchanges with the participation of specialists from Japan were held in September to deepen the program content. An event to present the results of how these activities have changed behavior is scheduled for next spring.


Educational poster about hand washing inside a hospital ward

Scholarship for Hygiene Management

In cooperation with Kanagawa University of Human Services, Kao has set up a fund at the university and provides scholarships to foreign exchange students through the Scholarship for Hygiene Management. One scholarship recipient is Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Chi, who came to Japan from Vietnam for specialized study in the area of food hygiene and is currently studying at the Graduate School.
With cooperation from SHIDAX GROUP, Ms. Chi toured the kitchens of a hospital and a company cafeteria in Kanto on October 2 and 3 as part of her practical training in food hygiene. She spoke of discovering differences between what she had imagined from photos she had seen previously and in the actual kitchen environments, and seeing many differences between the cleaning methods and food handling practices of Japan and Vietnam. She also said that she wanted to practice food hygiene in Vietnam using what she had seen at the tour.


Practical training

Enhancing Hygiene in the Community

On September 27, an event was held as part of the Enhancing Hygiene in the Community activities at Nhan Chinh Elementary School in the Thanh Xuan district of Hanoi. Participants learned about the importance of hand washing using the slogan, "Hand washing with soap, keep hygiene, prevent diseases." First and second grade students from the school participated in the event. After learning about the importance of washing hands and the proper way to do it, they performed a hand washing dance and other activities to heighten their awareness for hand washing. The school plans to continue educational activities for hand washing. Students are anticipated to continue practicing proper hand washing during their time at school, even among first grade students who have just begun school this September.


Hand washing dance performed throughout the event space

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