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Kao's action to the reported suspension of RSPO certification for FGV palm oil mill

It was reported on November 30 that RSPO has suspended its certification for one palm oil mill, Kilang Sawit Serting, and four plantations of FGV Holdings Berhad, a major palm oil supplier in Malaysia.

The Kao Group investigated its supply chain up to palm oil mills and confirmed that the relevant palm oil mill is not present in our supply chain.

The Kao Group indirectly purchases FGV Group's products that are not derived from the relevant oil mill and will cooperate with its vendor to encourage the FGV Group to appropriately correct the labor management issue pointed out by RSPO.

The Kao Group will continue to promote the responsible procurement of raw materials in accordance with Kao Group's Guidelines for Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials*1 .

  • * 1 Guidelines for Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials
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