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Kao resumes purchasing RSPO-certified palm oil from the IOI Group

In response to the suspension of the IOI Group's certification by RSPO in 2016 due to a complaint brought against the Group's forestry development in Ketapang, Indonesia, Kao suspended purchasing RSPO-certified products from the IOI Group until we were able to confirm that the Group's improvement was objectively verified by a team of experts assigned by RSPO.

After repeated dialogs with IOI Group, Kao Group confirmed the progress of improvement even during the period when we suspended purchasing certified products, and now the IOI Group's supply chain transparency is highly rated by outside bodies. By taking these matters into account, we have resumed purchasing certified products from the IOI Group.
RSPO also reported that its Complaints Panel had closed the case.

The Kao Group will continue to promote the responsible procurement of raw materials in accordance with Kao Group's Guidelines for Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials*1 .

Details of the complaint in Ketapang can be found in the RSPO case tracker:

・Kao's response to RSPO's decision to lift the suspension of RSPO certification for the entire IOI Group

・Kao's actions following the suspension of RSPO certification of the IOI Group

  • * 1 Guidelines for Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials.
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