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Introducing FSC Certification on Attack Laundry Detergent Boxes

Kao Corporation began delivering powder laundry detergent in boxes with FSC Certification*1 from July 2017 in Japan. The company is now moving forward with the full-scale introduction of FSC certification on laundry detergent boxes.

Under the Guidelines for Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials*2 , Kao Corporation has established the Sustainable Paper and Pulp Procurement Guidelines, proclaiming support for zero deforestation by considering the preservation of biodiversity when procuring paper and pulp. This initiative began with the introduction of FSC certification placed on Kao product containers and packaging from May 2013, first on thin film pasteboard for portable fabric and air freshener Resesh, followed by individual packaging for hair colors, warming products, bath additives, toothpaste and cosmetics. In 2016, Kao was the first company to introduce corrugated box with FSC certification in Japan.
At this time, with certainty that we are able to reliably procure material suitable for certification, we have been introduced FSC certification on boxes and box tops of powder laundry detergents which are used by a wide range of consumers.

We will move forward to introduce certification on our products in the days ahead.


FSC Certification on Attack

  1. *1 FSC Certification
    Forest certification given by the Forest Stewardship Council to paper, pulp, etc. using appropriately managed forest resources.

  2. *2 Guidelines for Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials
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