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Kao Corporation Has Become a Bluenumber Partner

On July 12, 2017, Kao Corporation became a partner of Bluenumber*1 , which is an initiative to establish traceability in the agricultural supply chain on a global basis, through TraceBlue of Japan*2 .

Bluenumber provides a unique identifier delivered over mobile phone and the Internet to every supply chain actor (farmers, producers, logistics operators, and consumers) to self-declare who they are, where they are, what they produce, and what services they offer. The information is maintained in an independent, neutral registry and shared on a global map. The registry of unique IDs promotes information disclosure by individuals and organizations, which enhances the potential for greater sustainability performance.

Kao uses derivatives made from palm oil and palm kernel oil, which are produced mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia, as raw materials for consumer and chemical products. Kao aims to ensure that these oils are sustainable and traceable back to the farm, as set out in the Guidelines for Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials*3 .
Kao expects Bluenumber to be a tool for initiatives to realize traceability back to farms.

  • * 1 TraceBlue of Japan
    TraceBlue of Japan is the authorized issuer of B# (Bluenumbers) for Japanese companies and organizations. Bluenumbers allow Japanese organizations to access information about the producers and workers across their supply chain to establish 100% traceability in their global business, and facilitate direct communication between the organizations and producers and workers. By doing this, TraceBlue of Japan expects the service to contribute to empowering producers and workers connected to the organizations and creating resiliency in the supply chain to manage emerging risks and prevent disruptions from them.

  • * 2 Bluenumber
    Bluenumber was launched on September 29, 2015, at the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development. Bluenumber allows workers, farmers, and rural communities to better participate in the digital economy. Bluenumber has offices in New York, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, and Dhaka.
  • * 3 Guidelines for Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials
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