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Traceability and Raw Materials Management

Comprehensive Management System for Chemical Substances

To ensure safety and maintain confidence in Kao's consumer and chemical products, our Comprehensive Management System for Chemical Substances relies on a Master Index, which is a group-wide index of uniform identification codes assigned to individual materials and products. Using this system, the raw materials and ingredients of Kao products are registered thus enabling us to instantly confirm raw materials used in each product, and to get information about the quality, safety, and spoilage characteristics, and legal aspects of such materials. With this system in place we can instantly determine the resulting impact of a problem in the event that one should occur.

Product Development Support System

Our Product Development Support System is based on our Comprehensive Management System for Chemical Substances database, and it supports formula development of our consumer products. Starting at the product design phase, this system enables us not only to comply with laws and regulations but also to choose raw materials which lead to high-quality and environmentally friendly products. In addition, this system automatically prepares the ingredient list required under Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, Food Labeling Act or other related regulations, and thus acts as an indispensable tool in simplifying label creation and in preventing errors.

Production Quality Information System

Our Production Quality Information System integrates and controls information for every production lot including quality information for all raw materials used, inspection records, and records of accepted and rejected items. With the system we are able to swiftly verify quality information for specific production dates and times in the event that our consumers should alert us to a defective product.

Overview of Kao's Comprehensive Management of Chemical Substances


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