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Corporate Citizenship Activities Report fiscal 2016

The Kao Group engages in corporate citizenship activities with a focus on the environment, education, and community under the theme of "Creating an Environment and Developing Human Resources to Nurture the Next Generation."
Through its activities, Kao aims to realize the satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people which is at the heart of its corporate philosophy, the Kao Way.

As Kao's business expands globally, not only corporate citizenship activities that help create a sound society but also efforts to contribute to society through business that lead to its expansion are called for.
In fiscal 2016, Kao mobilized its knowledge and resources to advance new initiatives that can make contributions to society in areas related to its business.

In Vietnam, Kao has begun providing support for a project to improve school sanitation in partnership with UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund. This project aims to create sanitary environments, establish good hygiene practices and to disseminate the improvement of the sanitation and hygiene practices to family members and communities through children.

As part of its efforts to support the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake, Kao began sponsoring Replus, an incorporated association, working to improve health among elderly residents in the region. Using Kao's health knowledge in analysis of walking and measurement of visceral fat, Kao will continue to support the activities of Replus that can serve as a model for activities to improve health among senior citizens.

Kao Corporation released its Corporate Citizenship Activities Report fiscal 2016. The report describes the activities that aim to make contributions to society in areas related to its business and also initiatives aligned with society as a good corporate citizen.

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