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FY2014 Report on Corporate Citizenship Activities

Kao engages in corporate citizenship activities under the theme of "Creating an Environment and Developing Human Resources to Nurture the Next Generation," focusing on the key area of environment, education and community. The following is a summary of corporate citizenship activities that took place in fiscal 2014.

FY2014 activities overview

1. Activities in the key area of Community in the Kao Sustainability Statement

Activities in Japan are conducted according to Kao's Activity Guidelines for Corporate Citizenship under the theme of "creating an environment and developing human resources to nurture the next generation."
Meanwhile, Global activities are positioned as activities in the Kao Sustainability Statement's area of Community. We have started to build a detailed program of activities so that we may both contribute to resolving social issues with global scale as well as contribute to communities where Kao has business interests. We work together with partners in conducting the activities to build trust and favorability with communities.

2. Activities to nurture a spirit of volunteerism among employees

The Kao Sustainability Statement sets forth the principle of nurturing a spirit of volunteerism among employees. Corporate citizenship activities are a point of contact between employees and the community, and Kao has focused on activities in which employees participate so that the activities serve to nurture a spirit of volunteerism among employees.
Activities with employee participation are activities planned and led by the company and conducted in cooperation with employees, and activities that encourage individual employees to voluntarily participate. Both types of activities are intended to create opportunities for employees to volunteer, facilitate growth on the part of employees, and contribute to a sustainable society.

3. Support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

In the immediate aftermath of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Kao conducted relief activities as a company that provides daily necessities with the goal of delivering the necessary items to the people who needed them as quickly as possible. The issues and needs of the affected region have changed, and now we are focusing our activities in the areas of emotional care and facilitating self-directed business recovery.
In the area of emotional care, employee volunteers visited temporary housing facilities in 40 locations in fiscal 2014 through the Smile Tohoku Project, where they engaged in activities to provide emotional support to earthquake victims.
In the area of facilitating self-directed business recovery, Kao is participating in the Michinoku Revival Partners project in partnership with six other companies and the non-profit organization ETIC. to support resumption of business operations in the Tohoku region and development of leaders who are working to accelerate the recovery efforts. Although small in scale, unique businesses that utilize local resources have been launched, which has created employment and is contributing to the revitalization and independence of industry in the Tohoku region.

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