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AeroscentTM Technology for Analyzing Airborne Scent

Analytical Science

Many different kinds of scents surround us in our daily lives: the fresh scent of flowers and herbs, for example, or the rich natural scents of forests and grass fields. These scents invigorate people and induce a sense of peace and relaxation. On the other side of the spectrum, however, there are also unpleasant odors generated in places such as the kitchen and bathroom.

We developed Aeroscent Technology to accurately identify volatile components in the air, whether pleasant or unpleasant. This technology utilizes both chemical adsorption and canister methods to quantitatively identify a wide variety of airborne constituents, ranging from highly volatile, non-polar substances, to less volatile, polar ones. The information gained from this research contributes greatly to the development of new fragrances and to evaluative research on deodorants.

We have also initiated research on the effect of scent on human psychology, with the aim of supplying consumers with fragrances that have true value.


Aeroscent technology is applied for capturing scents given off by flowers

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