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Contributing to People and Diverse Industries around the World

Global Activities


With Kao's global expansion of business operations, we have vigorously pursued R&D activities in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. We have high regards for the opinions and points of views of our consumers and customers, and we are committed to Yoki-Monozukuri in order to continue to generate products with high added value.

In the field of consumer products, we continually study changing lifestyles and preferences in different regions, as well as ethnic differences in skin and hair, in order to thoroughly understand our consumers' lifestyles and needs. The knowledge thus acquired is combined with research findings from product development and fundamental research so that we can develop the products that consumers in each region truly desire. In the field of chemical products, we actively develop various products that are based on our unique fundamental technologies throughout the world.

In global R&D activities, communication is given a high priority. This, of course, includes communication with our consumers, but it also extends to specialists in various fields, regardless of their organization or geographical region. In this way, we create new products with new technologies and add value that is truly universal.

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