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Highly Durable Asphalt Modifier Made from Waste PET Developed at Kao Corporation

TOKYO, JAPAN — Kao Corporation ("Kao") developed NEWTLAC 5000, an asphalt modifier made from discarded PET materials (waste PET) through proprietary processing. While conventional asphalt modifiers improve the durability of asphalt pavements, NEWTLAC 5000's durability is several times longer, which ensures it produces less microplastic. This unique technology supports Kao in achieving its sustainability goals through "positive recycling"—creating a new business through recycling.

Features of NEWTLAC 5000

Waste PET is recycled into a raw material

Kao's researchers found that resin plastics improved the affinity between asphalt and aggregates (Figure 1). Building on our prior expertise in developing surfactants, Kao succeeded in creating NEWTLAC 5000, whereby waste PET is transformed into a new functional substance, as opposed to simply pulverizing waste PET (Figure 2).


Figure 1. Effects of NEWTLAC 5000 in asphalt pavement


Figure 2. Recycling which converts waste PET into a new substance

Increased Durability

Mixing NEWTLAC 5000 in asphalt improves the durability of pavements by several times compared to ordinary pavements (Figure 3). NEWTLAC 5000 also ensures pavements produce less microplastics than usual.


Figure 3. Comparison of durability in a driving test

Improved pavement visibility

Asphalt pavements with NEWTLAC 5000 are darker than conventional pavements (Figure 4), making the white lines on roads more visible for drivers and greatly increasing safe driving. It also improves a store's long-term appearance when used for their parking area (Figure 5).


Figure 4. Improvement in visibility with the use of NEWTLAC 5000

In January, Kao used NEWTLAC 5000 for the pavement in the parking lot of a drugstore in Japan, in line with our corporate ESG initiatives to expand NEWTLAC 5000 in asphalt pavements globally.


Figure 5. Appearance of a parking area three years after construction

Future prospects

In the approaching era of fully automated driving, the deterioration of asphalt pavement is expected to accelerate due to cars being programmed to routinely drive along the same area of a road. Kao plans to spread its cutting-edge technology globally, contributing to improved road safety, more durable roads, and a more sustainable society.


Highly Durable Asphalt Modifier Made from Recycled PET

Comment from Katayose Masahiro, Executive Officer, President, Chemical Business

NEWTLAC 5000 drastically improves the durability of asphalt pavements, while also encouraging active recycling. Kao Corporation will keep contributing to the preservation of our global environment and the realization of a safe automated driving society, by launching this technology in Japan, and across the globe, including the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

About Kao

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