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Kao's "Nationwide Cleanliness and Water-saving Initiatives" in Collaboration with China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment Enters Ninth Year

On September 10, Kao (China) Holding Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Toru Nishiguchi), a China-based group company of Kao Corporation (President and CEO: Michitaka Sawada), began to promote "China's nationwide cleanliness and water-saving initiatives" in collaboration with the Center for Environmental Education and Communications (CEEC) of China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

Having been initiated in 2012, the joint activity has entered its 9th year. It raises awareness regarding the importance of environmental protection among university students and the general public under the slogan, "Save 10,000 liters of water annually per household," and seeks to promote sustainable development in China. The campaign has been evolving every year since its inception. Since 2015, a special focus has been placed on university and college students - whose shoulders the future of China rests on. Besides general consumers and households, students are the target of the initiatives for water-saving and water resource conservation. During their time in college, they are encouraged to increase their environmental awareness and act accordingly so that these good habits are engendered and preserved in their future personal and professional lives. The water conservation campaign has positively impacted the awareness-raising efforts in China regarding the judicious use of water by encouraging water-saving behaviors in individual homes, local communities, and schools.

This year's subtheme is "Youth Initiatives for Cleanliness and Beauty." During the next three months, ideas for the promotion of environmental protection will be solicited online from universities and colleges across China and student activities will be supported.


This year's opening ceremony was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "All youths are encouraged to actively participate in ecology and environment protection, perform the missions entrusted upon them by the times, convert the dream of building a green world into concrete actions, and contribute to the creation of a beautiful and harmonized China," said Mr. Jia Feng of the CEEC. Mr. Toru Nishiguchi, President and CEO of Kao (China) Holding Co., Ltd. remarked, "In 2019, Kao Corporation announced its ESG strategy named 'Kirei Lifestyle Plan.' In China as well, we innovate our business based on this strategy while working aggressively to contribute toward the enhancement of environmental protection and sustainability. Together with the CEEC, we are committed to extending our best possible assistance to the university and college students in China in their efforts to develop positive ideas and activities in the area of environment protection."

The activities this year are not limited to water conservation alone. They encompass a much wider spectrum of environmental issues, which include decarbonization, plastics reduction, sustainable development, climate change, and biodiversity. In line with the campaign subtheme: "Youth Initiatives for Cleanliness and Beauty," a small fund assistance project was launched to aid student groups across the country in promoting the development of environmental ideas, plans, and actions. We are hoping this project will stimulate the creation of innovative ideas among students and lead to increased environmental awareness and proactive efforts by students and society as a whole to build a beautiful and ecologically sound China.

At the opening ceremony, the launch of a WeChat mini-program for the subtheme was announced. The program has valuable and useful content, such as photos and videos of previous campaign events and outcomes over the past eight years, instructions for applying to participate in activities, and information regarding the small fund assistance project.

In the future, the Kao Group will continue to implement its unique ESG activities globally, so as to deliver satisfaction and enriched lives for people around the world, and contribute to the sustainability of society.

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