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SENSAI Debuts an AI-Powered Virtual Skin Analysis Tool
"Silk Skin Checker," on October 1, 2021

Kao Corporation's super prestige brand SENSAI is unveiling "Silk Skin Checker," an online skin analysis tool powered by artificial intelligence, on the SENSAI brand website today (October 1, 2021).


Why is SENSAI introducing Silk Skin Checker?

As accelerating digitalization reshapes the lives of customers, especially now with the advent of COVID-19, SENSAI has responded by expanding its virtual counseling functions with AI-powered diagnosis tools. SENSAI introduced "Virtual Make Up" and "Foundation Finder," and this April the brand opened an official online shop in Europe to provide unique services tailored to the needs of individual customers.

In addition to online makeup and foundation tools, SENSAI is introducing a digital "Silk Skin Checker" to analyze a person's skin condition. In concert with in-store counseling by SENSAI advisors, the brand will provide more careful and personalized counseling by combining real and digital technologies through AI-based measurement and analysis of the skin.

Main features

(1) Objective skin analysis based on the "SILK SKIN Score," SENSAI's unique skin condition index
Working with facial scan data collected by the user's smartphone camera or webcam, the Silk Skin Checker tool measures the skin condition in five categories (Moisture, Spots, Wrinkles, Texture, and Dark Circles) and applies a score for the three properties of what SENSAI defines as an ideal "Silk Skin": Radiance, Firmness, and Fineness.
For each of the five categories, the AI learns the results of the numerical score from the device measurement as well as the analysis and scoring results from the skin research, then the AI judges and calculates the score for each property based on the learning results.

(2) Silk Skin Checker proposes a skincare regime and supplementary items according to the customer's current skincare habits (SENSAI products currently used) and SILK SKIN Score.

(3) A "Saho Tutorial Movie" demonstrates the correct ways to use the proposed skincare items.


"When developing the Silk Skin Checker, we stayed faithful to the elegant brand style to express a SENSAI worldview that customers will enjoy," explained Yoshiko Sakurai, Senior Marketer of the SENSAI group. "Technologically, SENSAI has unique abilities to measure moisture, a property that can be difficult to measure visually. With the elegant interface and sophisticated AI analysis behind it, we can provide more personalized communications and optimal care and product suggestions for every customer."

Summary of the debut

Release date:October 1, 2021
Languages supported* : Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, Finnish, Italian
Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish

  • * Automatically set to the language setting of the device

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