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Launch of Hair Salon Brand "ORIBE" in Japan
Aiming to Strengthen Global Strategies

Kao Corporation (President: Yoshihiro Hasebe) is launching the prestige hair salon brand "ORIBE" (23 products) in Japan on April 22, 2021, through its subsidiary, Kao Salon Japan. ORIBE is a hair care brand with a robust market presence among the top hair salons and department stores across Europe and the US. Through this launch in the fifth area in Asia, Kao aims to expand the brand portfolio of its salon business and enhance the customer base in the region, further strengthening the global presence.


Oribe Dry Texturizing Hair Spray


Oribe Signature Hair Care Line

Background and aim of the launch

Founded in 2008 in the US, ORIBE joined the Kao Group in 2018. The brand has its presence in around 40 countries and areas, mainly in Europe and the US. In the US, the brand deals in body care and fragrance products in addition to hair care products. With uncompromising, high-quality products available in top-class salons and high-end department stores, it mainly targets women leading a luxury lifestyle.
In Japan, ORIBE will be introduced exclusively to selected salons as a brand proposing luxury lifestyle. Lectures will be held on ORIBE's beauty counselling and ORIBE styles. Moreover, the company will offer a unique brand experience for beauty professionals (beauty writers, stylists, models, etc.) to acquire ORIBE fans, improve brand recognition, and establish luxury brand image.
ORIBE, which has an original brand value, will be gradually expanded in the Asian region to strengthen the global presence of the Kao Salon Business currently focused on Europe and the US.
Regarding the launch in Japan, President Yuichi Akagi, Kao Salon Japan, says, "We have decided on its launch, believing that this brand loved by many celebrities in the US can propose high-quality, elegant beauty together with numerous sophisticated stylists in Japan as well. Please experience the hair collection ORIBE, developed without compromise to provide customers with what is best."

Brand overview

Oribe Canales, known as a legendary hair stylist in the beauty industry, has created hair styles for various celebrities. His vision for women embodying beauty and glamour was fulfilled by ORIBE, a professional brand founded in New York in 2008. With packaging that evokes jewelry, this luxury brand has been exclusively crafted without compromise on quality for women seeking high-quality lifestyle.


Brand logo inspired by a goddess of hair

Overview of products launched in Japan

<Number of products> Total of 23 products including shampoo, hair conditioners, hair mask, leave-on treatment, and styling products

<Lineup> Four hair care lines including items popular in the US and those adapted to the needs of Japanese consumers
- ORIBE Signature: ORIBE's symbolic line that keeps hair beautiful and healthy with a rich formulation of moisturizing ingredients
- ORIBE Brilliance & Shine: A line that offers luster and smoothly detangled hair
- ORIBE Beautiful Color: A line that keeps the hair color beautiful and repairs hair damaged by hair colors
- ORIBE Magnificent Volume: A line that makes glamorous and voluminous styles possible

Other popular items
- ORIBE Dry Texturizing Hair Spray: A popular ORIBE item long-loved in the US that helps create hair styles with the right level of volume and soft texture

<Formula characteristics> Developed with finest ingredients in collaboration with research institutes worldwide to deliver uncompromising performance; gluten-free and vegan*1

<Fragrance> Fragrance jointly developed with an established perfume manufacturer in France; luxury fragrance inspired by sunshine, with a note of the French Cote d'Azur ambience

<Price range> 4,730–9,020 yen Suggested retail price (including tax)

  • * 1 No animal ingredients used. Excluding two styling products (Rough Luxury Molding Wax and Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste)

First hair salons to introduce ORIBE

- uka (Tokyo Midtown)

Kao's salon business

It provides salon products and services to stylists worldwide as part of Kao's hair care business. Home for brands like GOLDWELL, KMS, and ORIBE; it offers hair care products in the following four categories: care, styling, color, and perm.

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