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Kao Releases Kao Integrated Report 2018

Kao Corporation today released the English version of the Kao Integrated Report 2018 on its website. The printed version is scheduled to be published in late May.

Under the slogan "Transforming Ourselves to Drive Change," Kao embarked on the Kao Group Mid-term Plan 2020 (K20) in 2017. In 2018, the second year of K20, Kao will engage in activities that create positive impact on the environment and society through sound governance (ESG activities) more actively than ever before to ensure profitable business growth and sustainability of the world. For that purpose, the company defines "Kirei—Making Life Beautiful" as Kao's key message to cultivate corporate reputation at a global level. Through this message, the company will promote ESG activities befitting Kao.

The objective of this report is to share Kao's values as a corporation and to present its capabilities for achieving medium- and long-term growth, explaining these themes to its shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders in an easy-to-understand manner. The report thus provides succinct explanations regarding the correlation between Kao's business strategies for securing sustainable and profitable growth, the foundation that underpins such growth, and the initiatives that will drive contributions to the sustainability of the world. Details of the sustainability-related initiatives have been made available in the Kao Sustainability Data Book 2018 on the company website. English version will be uploaded in June.

Kao hopes that this Integrated Report will deepen stakeholders' understanding of its business activities. Kao is committed to incorporating stakeholders' feedback and opinions in both corporate management and communications to further increase corporate value.

Major contents of the Kao Integrated Report 2018

New key message and renewed focus on ESG activities

In 2018, the second year of K20, Kao aims to further enhance ESG activities. The section describes the intention of the key message "Kirei—Making Life Beautiful" to drive such initiatives and future direction.

Story of Kao's value creation

This section describes Essential Research as a source of innovation and the organizational capabilities to internally connect and co-create unique to Kao. It also presents the strengths and future challenges of Kao from an external perspective, for example, in roundtable discussion with outside directors.

Kao's sustainability-related initiatives and contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Kao defined nine key themes that the company works on as society changes in the Kao Sustainability Statement. It also introduces SDGs towards which the company will contribute.

About Kao

Kao creates high-value-added products that enrich the lives of consumers around the world. Through its portfolio of over 20 leading brands such as Attack, Bioré, Goldwell, Jergens, John Frieda, Kanebo, Laurier, Merries and Molton Brown, Kao is part of the everyday lives of people in Asia, Oceania, North America and Europe. Combined with its chemical division, which contributes to a wide range of industries, Kao generates about 1,500 billion yen in annual sales. Kao employs about 33,000 people worldwide and has 130 years of history in innovation. Please visit the Kao Group website for updated information.

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