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Kao Publishes Environment Textbook 'Thoughts about Tomorrow's Earth' to Consider the Environment through Paintings by Children around the World

Kao Corporation published an environment textbook entitled "Thoughts about Tomorrow's Earth" to promote understanding of environmental issues. The textbook is compiled with materials based on the selected works of the Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children, which has been held annually since 2010. It shows prize-winning works by children around the world focusing on the theme of eco together over the past five years. These paintings are categorized in such environmental themes as "Water," "Forests and Trees," and "Energy" with related data and explanations.

Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children has received more than 33,000 entries from 67 countries and regions over the past five years. Children's artwork, painted to address the theme "what we can do in our daily life to conserve the global environment," has enjoyed positive evaluations in multiple exhibitions and has gained support from all generations. Kao hopes to inspire more people to think about their surrounding environments and lifestyles through these paintings.

Kao will utilize the textbook to encourage all people from children to adults to think about how each environmental theme relates to other themes
and to learn facts about environmental issues to enhance their awareness of
the environment.


Title: "Thoughts about Tomorrow's Earth"
Supervisor: Fumikazu Masuda, Judge Chair, Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children
Distribution to: Environment events, school teachers, etc. (not for sale)

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