Strategic Approach 1

Become an Essential Company in a Sustainable World​​

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an international framework of goals and targets to create a sustainable and better world by 2030. The goals and targets are wide-ranging, interconnected, and complex, and they cannot be solved if the focus is on only one target.
Working together with our partners, we aim to help solve multiple issues simultaneously by understanding the relevance among targets and designing the appropriate business model.

There are many social issues. And they are all deeply interconnected.

Together with our partners, we aim to build a business model that solves multiple social issues at once.

Case Study

One example of this business model involves building highly durable roads using an asphalt modifier made from waste PET. We are working with partners worldwide to develop businesses which can simultaneously solve the issues of everyday waste, the energy required to maintain roads, marine plastic waste, infrastructure in developing countries, and the safety of automated driving.

Pavement which uses NEWTLAC 5000 in the parking lot of a drugstore in Japan 

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