A World of Harmony and Potential for All Life

Kao has held the Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children every year since 2010, listening to more than 130,000 children share their hopes for the future.
Kao seeks to build the future of our children’s dreams, a world of harmony and potential for all life.

In sync with nature

I have depicted two hands—one human and one belonging to nature. In the human hand there are people and garbage, and in nature’s hand there are plants and animals. The human hand holds the universe, and nature’s hand holds the sea. I drew this to show people that they can help make nature more sustainable by stopping to pollute it.

Bozhidara Bogdanova Dimitrova (9)

Help to plant mangroves

Mangrove forests are inhabited by various animals, and they are a line to prevent the washing of the sea as well. In my painting, my friend and I are helping to plant mangroves to provide the animals with homes, food and a good climate. We have a great time, and we are proud of our efforts to protect the mangrove forests. I promise I will be environmentally friendly.

Woraphitcha Phuangprakhon (10)

The case for environment and land

We should be diligent in preserving the environment. My painting was about giving a message to my friends to love the earth. In my painting, someone is cleaning the earth and every person is doing something to make the planet happy.

Ahoora Bakhtiari (9)

The future of the world that we all support together

The Earth does not just belong to people. This planet is also home to other animals, plants, fish and insects. In this picture, many different living things are supporting the shining Earth in harmony together. Environmental destruction is an issue in the present day, so I expressed my feelings in this picture that people need to think seriously about coexisting with many different living things.

Shuka Matsumoto (10)

Kao International Environment Painting Contest

Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children started in 2010. This is a special contest where children express everyday lives from an ecology perspective and their future vision of the planet through creative paintings. For this 13th contest, we received 13,214 paintings and messages from all around the world. These children’s genuine passion for the future represents the origin of our purpose and our Commitment to the Future. The expression of their hopes and dreams through art inspires us and we are confident it will also inspire others to take action across the globe.

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