A World of Harmony and Potential for All Life

Kao has held the Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children every year since 2010, listening to more than 100,000 children share their hopes for the future for over 11 years.
Kao seeks to build the future of our children's dreams, a world of harmony and potential for all life.

Litter-Eating Whale

My dream is to become a scientist and invent a litter disposal station. It would swim around like a real whale in the ocean and convert marine litter into fuel for itself as well as recyclable resources.

Yueheng Hu (8)

Stitching the Earth

The Earth is an imperfect place. There are many problems. Now is the time for everyone to help restore our one and only Earth for future generations.

Sophie Naysa Gunawan (10)

I Have a Dream

I have a dream: We join together, ride on Bird of Peace and fly to different places to sow magical seeds, restoring the beauty of original forest on our Earth.

Hoi Ching Pang (6)

Change the World!

This is a warning that shows we have to change. This picture shows how much some people want to change the world.

Alexandra Teodorescu (12)

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