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Toward a Better Future

The Kao Group has made the Kao Way, the Group's corporate philosophy, the foundation of all of its corporate activities. Our mission is to strive for the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally and to contribute to the sustainability of the world.

Since our founding in 1887, we have delivered products to people worldwide through our Consumer Products Business, which contributes to cleanliness, beauty, and well-being in everyday life, and through our Chemical Business, which contributes to the growth of a variety of industries.

In recent years, social issues—such as those concerning the environment—have become increasingly severe. This has led to a major change in consumer awareness, which in turn has raised the bar for companies that seek to fulfill their responsibilities to society. To address this challenge, Kao has launched the Kirei Lifestyle Plan, our new ESG* strategy, to support the sustainable lifestyle that consumers desire. The Kirei Lifestyle Plan embodies our passion for working together with various stakeholders to develop innovative technologies and to find ways to tackle the many social and environmental issues that we are facing today. By doing so, we can continue to enrich the lives of people the world over.

From the start, we have been committed to Yoki-Monozukuri, providing products and brands of excellent value for consumer satisfaction. By incorporating our distinctive ESG strategy into this core philosophy, we will pursue a unique approach toward realizing a sustainable way of life.

  • * ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance.

    The Japanese word "kirei" means beautiful or clean, not only on the outside but also on the inside. At Kao, Kirei is the value we want to bring to everyday life with our brands, products and services – now and in the future.

April 2020

Michitaka Sawada

Michitaka Sawada
President and Chief Executive Officer
Kao Corporation

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