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Tomoharu Matsuda

As of March 25, 2022



Representative Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer

Tomoharu Matsuda


Apr. 1983 Joined Kao Corporation
Jan. 2008 President, Kao (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Mar. 2010 Chairman and General Manager, Kao (Taiwan) Corporation
Mar. 2013 President, Beauty Care, Skin Care and Hair Care Business Unit, Global
Mar. 2014 Executive Officer
Jan. 2018 Managing Executive Officer; Senior Vice President, Consumer Products,
Global; Responsible for Skin Care and Hair Care Business; Responsible for Human Health Care Business;
Responsible for Fabric and Home Care Business; Chairman of the Board, Oribe Hair Care, LLC
Mar. 2019 Director, Managing Executive Officer; President, Consumer Products,
Global (current); Responsible for Kao Professional Services Co., Ltd. (current)
Mar. 2021 Representative Director, Managing Executive Officer
Jan. 2022 Representative Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer (current)

Reasons for the appointment

Over many years, Mr. Matsuda has been involved in product development, namely, the core function of "Yoki-Monozukuri,"* and also in the marketing activities for communicating the essential value of such products to consumers. He also has experience in management of the Company's overseas subsidiaries. He carries out his duties as President, Consumer Products, Global, based on his high level of expertise in such business both in Japan and overseas, and is familiar with matters such as global competitive environment, changes in consumers and business partners, expectations from stakeholders surrounding the Kao Group, and the strengths and tasks for the Kao Group. In March 2021, he has assumed the position of Representative Director of the Company, and he has been more active in presenting opinions and proposals in deliberations concerning material matters in the management of the Kao Group, based on his considerable experience and expertise. The Company has determined that Mr. Matsuda will be able to contribute to further enhancing the corporate value of the Kao Group by using his experience and expertise in the planning and deliberation of management strategies, etc. at the Board of Directors and supervision of execution, and for this reason appoints him as a Director.

  • * In Japanese, "yoki" means good or excellent, and "monozukuri" means making or craftsmanship. For us, Yoki-Monozukuri means an excellent creation process that is good for everyone involved and enriches the lives of consumers and customers.
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