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Our Promise




At Kao, we promise to continue making contributions to realizing a bright future for people throughout the world, and to creating a sustainable world where all life can coexist.

K25 Vision (Goals we hope to accomplish by 2025)


Sustainability as the Only Path

Kao's efforts to offer products close to the everyday lives of people has been in line with our original corporate motto, "A clean nation prospers." We consider the enrichment of daily life as being fundamental to our mission, "to create a world where all life can coexist and flourish." The threats to daily life that Kao must ward off will become greater and more severe as time goes by. That is why we are stepping up our commitment to protecting against and effectively mitigating these threats.
Kao takes the global environment and human life deeply into consideration. As such, Kao aims to become an indispensable part of society, as a company making essential contributions to the protection of all life on the planet.

What our slogan means to us


Kirei—Making Life Beautiful

The word "Kirei" expresses the specific value that Kao desires to provide to society. We contribute to a thriving future for people all over the world by keeping the planet a viable place to live, eliminating harm and protecting lives, and creating a Kirei life where everyone can live in happiness. With this slogan at its core, Kao aims to contribute to society to an even greater degree and to create a world where all life can coexist and flourish.

What our key visual means to us

This little heart is the key to a shining future where all life can flourish. The new day brings this pledge, to you, and to the planet.
The promise made by each and every person here at Kao is portrayed with this key visual.

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