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In order to communicate important aspects of our corporate activities to our stakeholders, the Kao Group publishes three annual documents: the Kao Group Profile, the Kao Integrated Report, and the Kao Sustainability Data Book.

Kao Group Profile

The Kao Group Profile introduces Kao's corporate philosophy, provides an overview of our business, and outlines specific initiatives that we are taking to realize our goal of enriching the lives of people around the world.

Kao Integrated Report

The Kao Integrated Report offers a comprehensive look at Kao's values and what we hope to achieve through our financial and non-financial activities.

Kao Sustainability Data Book

The Kao Sustainability Data Book presents a detailed explanation of Kao's various efforts to achieve profitable growth while also contributing to the creation of a sustainable society. It includes information on how we are trying to help resolve various social issues.
Additionally, the Kirei Lifestyle Plan Progress Report describes multiple initiatives Kao is undertaking through the Kirei Lifestyle Plan, our ESG strategy. It contains specific performance data.

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