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The Kao Group develops its consumer products business in four of its fields of business: Hygiene and Living Care, Health and Beauty Care, Life Care, and Cosmetics. In our Chemical Business, we develop a wide range of products that meet the various needs of industry. The Kao Group believes that through these businesses we can contribute to creating a sustainable world where all life can coexist and flourish.

Consolidated net sales

FY2021 ended December 31

  • * Share of net sales is calculated based on sales to customers.

Hygiene and Living Care Business

Kirei in our interactions and everything our lives touch

By offering products and services that keep clothing and home spaces clean and lessen the burden of housework, we contribute to creating living spaces where everyone can live with peace of mind.
We offer sanitary products for each life stage so that everyone can lead their lives how they wish at any age and in comfort no matter what the situation.

Health and Beauty Care Business

Kirei that makes life shine

Through daily hygiene practices and self-care for physical and mental well-being that all people can maintain without difficulty, we contribute to realizing truly healthy living, where people can express their individuality as they see fit.
Along with protective and preventive measures to safeguard against external factors such as infectious diseases and UV rays, we also offer products and information to boost the immune system and are developing ways to care for environmental stresses and create safety and reassurance in everyday life.

Life Care Business

Supporting health so people can lead happy and fulfilling lives

In view of the nature of issues consumers face, we take steps to realize self-cures and self-care that fits consumers' lifestyles and can be continued without special effort.
By bringing together mental and physical monitoring technologies and AI, we provide solutions that accurately suit the actual and potential needs of each person.
We offer solutions catering to professional hygiene needs at commercial and public facilities such as restaurants, accommodations and medical and nursing care centers, thereby contributing to people’s safety.

Cosmetics Business

Celebration of Individuality

Through the outstandingly distinctive identity of each of our brands, we are committed to the "beauty" and "individuality" of each person. We deliver hope and Kirei with solid science and our abundant sense.
Through beauty, hope and Kirei, we contribute to the realization of a "joyful" lifestyle culture and a society in which fulfilling lives are possible for all.

Chemical Business

Through the power of chemistry, we create a future of Kirei for people, society and the planet

We strive for solutions to environmental and social issues co-creation.That is, we combine our strengths with the strengths of our customers and partners to create new value in the industry and impact society.
We contribute to initiatives for customers, industries and society to make a shift toward decarbonization and a circular economy through enhanced sustainable materials and new eco-solutions.

Business Domain, Leading Products

Oleo Chemicals

Leading Products
・Oleochemicals ・Fat and oil derivatives ・Surfactants ・Fragrance

Performance Chemicals

Leading Products
・Water-reducing admixture for concrete ・Casting sand binders ・Plastics additives ・Process chemicals for various industries

Information Materials

Leading Products
・Toners/Toner binders ・Inkjet ink colorants, Ink ・Fine polishing agents and cleaner for hard disk ・Materials and process chemicals for semiconductor

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