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Kao Releases the Kao Integrated Report 2024

In August 2023, Kao revised its Mid-term Plan 2027 (K27) with a focus on structural reforms and growth strategies. Kao will maintain its Vision of “Sustainability as the only path” while introducing ROIC company-wide and decisively implementing structural reforms. Kao will enhance corporate value through transformation to build robust business through investment.

The theme for this year’s report is “Global Sharp Top Strategy to Accelerate Transformation.” Based on this strategy, Kao views the entire world as its market and aims to become the one and only company in the world to provide new value with leading-edge solutions. Kao will accelerate transformation toward attaining K27 through united company-wide efforts with four frameworks: build Global Sharp Top businesses, achieve Global Sharp Top human capital and organizational management, improve capital efficiency and profitability, and build businesses through co-creation with partners.
With this report, Kao aims to inform stakeholders about its various activities and initiatives to transform into a “Strong Kao” and will reflect the feedback and opinions received from stakeholders as it collaborates with a wide range of like-minded partners to make an even greater contribution to society and enhance its corporate value.
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