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Our approach to innovation

As with all business functions at Kao, our approach to how we work and innovate is based on the Kao Way. For us innovation starts with the consumer. This is what we mean by the Japanese word Genba: understanding the consumer’s world first hand to truly discover their unmet needs and address them with our innovations. 

In order to do so we apply the principle of Yoki-Monozukuri: we challenge the  status-quo and we are always trying to do things better. With a deep understanding of our consumers, utilising technology, expertise and pure inventiveness, the R&D team create products that have a positive impact on the lives of our customers and consumers. 

But we do not stop there. Each product we develop is created with care – care for the planet and the resources that go into it. This is what we mean by creating a Kirei Life for all. By providing our consumers and customers products that perform and meet their needs while protecting the world around us. 

Our R&D team in EMEA

The R&D team at the Kao European Research Laboratories has 150 researchers including 20 professional stylists, focusing on the development of hair care products mainly for the Salon Business. A unique aspect of how we work is the ongoing, close collaboration of our scientists, stylists and external partners who ensure we make every product better and better.
We take a holistic and ethical approach to everything we do, always striving to do the right thing with the environment and our customers at the centre of our product development. We only launch after rigorous testing, when we know we have it right. 

Our global R&D Network

With R&D centres spread around the globe, with different competencies, strengths and expertise, we work together to develop products and services designed to transform the future of our business, improve the lives of our customers and protect our planet. Unlike many other companies, Kao is not only investing in product development but also in base research-enabling our global R&D network to come up with deeper understanding and more robust solutions. 


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