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Our ESG Reporting & External Evaluation

At Kao we strive for transparency in everything we do. We want to ensure that the progress we have made is transparent for every stakeholder. Since 2017, Kao has issued the Kao Integrated Report with the aim of presenting a comprehensive picture of the value that Kao provides. It is complemented by the Kao Kirei Lifestyle Plan Progress Report and the Kao Sustainability Data Book. You can access all reports in our ESG Report Hub.
Next to our own reporting, we believe that it is important to achieve external evaluation for our progress. This is a means for us to receive independent feedback on our achievements but also a trustworthy sign to our stakeholders for the relevance of what we do. Kao’s various initiatives which aim to contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society have earned high recognition. We are especially proud to be listed among the World’s Most Ethical Companies ever since this list was established in 2007.

As of March 2023

Ethisphere Website

World’s Most Ethical Companies

Each year, the U.S.-based think tank Ethisphere Institute announces its list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies in recognition of companies’ outstanding performance in the areas of transparency, sincerity, ethics and compliance.

Kao has been continuously selected for the list since it was created in 2007.

CDP Website


The UK-based international non-governmental organization promotes climate change and other initiatives in the area of the environment. The CDP requests disclosure of information on how leading companies and cities around the world are taking action on issues such as climate change and water management, and conducts surveys and evaluations.

Kao has been continuously selected for inclusion in the A List for climate change, forest, and water since 2020. Kao has now been included in the Climate Change 'A List' for the third time, the Forests 'A List' for the second time, and the Water Security 'A List' for the fifth time.

Bloomberg Website News

Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

Index developed by U.S.-based Bloomberg to track the performance of those companies most committed to transparency in gender reporting and to advancing women globally.

Kao has been continuously selected for the index since 2019.


Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Global

The Belgium-based non-profit Forum Ethibel selects companies that demonstrate strong performance in socially responsible investing (SRI) and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Kao has been continuously selected for the index since 2007.



Germany-based ISS-oekom is a sustainable investment rating agency that evaluates corporate responsibility based on environmental and social and governance criteria.

Kao has been rated as Prime since 2006.


ECPI Global Ethical Equity Index

Based in Luxembourg and Milan, ECPI provides investment and sustainability advisory services. ECPI maintains indexes for individual industries, regions, and themes that are composed of global companies whose CSR activities satisfy certain standards.

Kao has been continuously selected for the index since 2007.

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