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At the heart of the business

We like to think of R&D as the heartbeat of the business. Kao was founded on a technical innovation over 130 years ago, so unsurprisingly innovation remains at the heart of what we do. Our many success stories start with our commitment to embrace the new, to be curious, to always ask ‘Why’ and to collaborate with teams within the business and with associated universities, experts and business partners around the world.

Transforming the future of our business

The R&D team at the Kao European Research Laboratories has 150 researchers and 20 professional stylists, focusing on the development of hair care products mainly for the Salon Business. A unique aspect of how we work is the ongoing, close collaboration of our scientists, stylists and external partners who ensure we make every product better and better. We take a holistic and ethical approach to everything we do, always striving to do the right thing with the environment and our customers at the centre of our product development. We only launch after rigorous testing, when we know we have it right. With R&D centres spread around the globe, with different competencies, strengths and expertise, we work together to develop products and services designed to transform the future of our business and improve the lives of our customers.





A truly global function – Map of Kao R&D locations.

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