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We are powered by individuals

For us at Kao Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is deeply embedded in our corporate culture. We are convinced that diverse teams are better teams – delivering better results and letting people grow and develop. We strive to create an approachable and inclusive environment. A place where people can be themselves. Where nobody feels they have to hide who they are, or waste energy pretending to be something they aren’t. By nurturing the power of the individual we unleash the power of Kao.

This is how we bring the Kao Way to life!

The power of different

We embrace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. There is a beauty and energy in variety. We don’t judge people for being different but value them for the difference they make. We may have different opinions, believe in different things or come with different experiences, but we all strive for the same goal.

Embracing the world’s diversity of cultures, nationalities, beliefs, races, genders, identities, and abilities makes business and society stronger and more beautiful. We respect and value all people in our organisation, our business partners, and the communities we serve, just as they are.



The power of together

We achieve more together. We actively seek the energy that comes from diverse perspectives for broader insights, better ideas and more robust decisions. Therefore, we believe in the power of diverse teams and choose people because of their competencies, passions, and the energy they bring to the team.

We are stronger together. We work as one global team, removing barriers through open, honest communication, and collaboration across our organisation.

The power of individuals

We are open to new ideas. We are only as strong as our people. This is why we want you to grow and blossom within our organisation. We cultivate the power of the individual by empowering each of us to bring our full potential, treating each other with kindness and respect.

We are constantly learning and are open to new ideas. We seek out diverse perspectives and new partnerships.


What we do to create an inclusive place to work


In this video, our DE&I Manager, Elizaveta Khadjinova, introduces the employee-led communities, events and trainings that are shaping a culture of inclusivity, openness, and empowerment at Kao!

Watch this short video to understand how DE&I is driving our company forward by creating a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to our shared success.


An inclusive place to work does not simply happen. It needs a lot of different activities to ensure that our people can feel at home. Here are some of them.


Corporate social responsibility

We believe in giving back to society. Our brands and businesses in EMEA are all committed to social causes that foster an inclusive society. Our teams are active in volunteer days, supporting local schools and kindergarten. We are proud partners of the Prince’s Trust in the UK, the Stichting Haarwensen in the Netherlands and many other organisations.


Talent management & recruiting
We are committed to recruit, develop and retain diverse teams.

Equal pay for equal work is just as much a principle for us as recruiting and promoting people based on their talent not on their heritage, gender or other.

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Employee communities

We want to live the idea of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

For this purpose, we implemented various DE&I Employee Communities who are sponsored by our leadership and focus on various topics important to our employees and us as an organisation: All Abilities, LGBTQIA+, Gender Inclusion, Ethnicity and Culture, Parents, Fertility and Adoption, Mental Health and Wellbeing.



To create an inclusive workplace each of us needs to be aware what it takes to act and think inclusively.

We are regularly offering trainings on unconscious bias and inclusive leadership to strengthen our corporate culture.



Dialogue is key! We regularly invite our employees to panel discussions, invite guest speakers and inform about D&I relevant topics – both internally and externally.


Work-life flexibility

With our hybrid working model we offer flexibility where needed, so everybody can perform at their best while taking care of their mental and physical health as much as of their family and friends.

Finding your dream job 

At Kao EMEA we offer jobs in 14 different countries, three different business sectors, various corporate functions, from entry level to senior positions. Check out our job portal to find your dream job with us!

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