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The face of Kao

People make a business. And it’s our people’s personalities, beliefs and attitudes that create our culture and drive our business success. We are all the face of Kao, the faces behind our brands and services.

Even today our people are driven by the same values instilled by our Japanese founder, Tomiro Nagase in 1887. As the first face of Kao, he had an innate entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for innovation and a deeply embedded code of integrity.

He handed down to us the key values and beliefs still shaping our corporate culture today, the Kao Way:

Yoki-Monozukuri – the commitment to continuous innovation and ongoing improvement that never lets us accept the status quo.

Genba – the never-ending curiosity to really understand the needs of our consumers and customers.

Integrity – the belief that it is important to do the right thing and walk the right path.

As an employer, we have created a place of work that is driven by these principles and therefore is inventive, entrepreneurial and respectful but above all great fun.

If you believe that what we do helps to make life beautiful and you love the challenge of bringing new ideas to fruition, then you will be energised, productive and get huge satisfaction from your career with Kao.

At Kao people are at the heart of what we do. In this film, colleagues from around the business talk about what they love about working at Kao, from the support, collaboration and team spirit to the opportunities on offer to shape their career and truly make a difference. This is what we believe in as an employer and what makes Kao the preferred place to work for our employees.


Calling the curious, the passionate,
the committed and the inventive

Rachel Mitchell, Vice President Human Capital Development EMEA, and other leaders from across the business talk about what makes someone a face of Kao and why personality and curiosity can sometimes be as important as skills.

Shape your career with Kao

At Kao you will find a broad variety of job opportunities. In the EMEA region we are active in 14 countries and 3 business divisions. There are roles across a range of functions - from Marketing to Sales and Customer Service, from Research & Development to Supply Chain and Manufacturing, from Human Capital Development to Legal, Communications, and many more on local, regional and even global level. It is the diversity of career opportunities we offer in a relatively small organisation that makes working at Kao in EMEA so exciting.
The people we are looking for come from all genders, nationalities, age groups, vocational backgrounds and career paths. We offer jobs on entry level, such as internships or junior positions, up to senior roles for real experts in their fields.

Whatever the position on offer, successful candidates are united by their innate passion for constant learning and development. Wherever you start your journey with Kao, open dialogue and feedback provide clarity about feasible steps in your development within the company. At Kao we believe in the strength of the individual. From day one you will have the opportunity and the responsibility to drive your role and shape your career. This is why we are committed to individual development planning in a way that enables you to grow personally, so you can help our business win. We take a 70/20/10 approach to learning, which breaks down into experience-based (70%); via your colleagues, mentors and peers (20%); and through structured courses and materials (10%).

Why choose Kao?
Six employees tell their story

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