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Kao's new campaign for its hair care brand Guhl focuses on real images and authentic everyday moments

· Kao continues the successful repositioning and communication of its hair care brand Guhl with a campaign for the new Guhl Bond+ Repair product line.
· The TV ad builds on Guhl's "Genuinely Familiar" campaign and focuses on authentic images and everyday moments - far away from classic hair care advertising. 

For the launch of the new product line Guhl Bond+ Repair, Kao is launching a new campaign today that once again focuses on real images and authentic everyday moments. It is centred around the topic of inner strength and the personal story of Andrea, a woman with Down’s Syndrome, who already featured in Guhl's "Genuinely Familiar" campaign. Inspired by her personal experience, the TV commercial shows strong hair as an expression and inspiration of inner strength and self-confidence and, like the relaunch campaign, sets itself apart from classic hair care advertising.
“With our repositioning two years ago, we managed to bring Guhl closer to the lives of our consumers again”, says Anna Strohm, Associate Directot Marketing, Guhl in Europe. "This was especially thanks to our approachable, authentic communication. We now want to continue this. In our new campaign, we again focus on authentic images and everyday moments - and real stories, like the one Andrea shared with us during our last collaboration. Andrea has beautiful hair and she told us that she sees it as a sign of strength that gives her a sense of security and self-confidence. We wanted to reflect this as authentically as possible."

Focus on authentic communication 

The campaign sets Guhl apart from traditional hair care advertising and also sends out a signal in favour of more representation and diversity. "We want to show real moments and people in all their diversity," says Strohm. 

The new campaign for the Bond+ Repair product line is launched on 20 May and will run on TV, social media and YouTube. The advert was developed in close collaboration with the customer team at the Munich office of creative agency David+Martin.

"With the Guhl 'Echt Vertraut' campaign, we deliberately and clearly set ourselves apart from the often heavily staged hair care advertising," says David Stephan, founder and creative director at David+Martin, and continues: "It was important to us to tell Andrea's story in the film. That's why both the voiceover and the script of the film are based on her stories, care routines and personal experiences."

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