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Are you a Face of Kao?

Be Yourself. Be Kao. – This is not only the slogan that we have chosen to describe our employer brand, this is what we truly believe in! Kao people are as diverse as our consumers and customers. They come from all different backgrounds, personalities, nationalities, age groups, genders, vocational trainings, religious beliefs.

No matter who they are, each of them is welcome as they bring their individual strengths, skills and competencies and we want each of them to feel empowered to grow and become their best self.

People at Kao are…

all different but driven by the same values and passion.

This is what brings us together, no matter where we work and which title we have. 

We are all…


Caring for people and planet 

As a company we aim to create products and services that are improving people’s lives as much as they protect our planet. We are looking for people who share our mission to be a force of good in the world.


Creative innovators

Kao people are curious and inventive, always open to new ideas and eager to solve new challenges. We are looking for creative innovators who turn ideas into reality. Whether it’s an innovative product, a new business tool or a key process, they deliver and support creative ideas, leading change by example and positioning the business for the future.


Walking the right path

Integrity is the only choice for us in everything we do. Our people are willing to do what is right not what it easy. This starts with the way we do business, how we treat each other to how we support our customers and work with our business partners. We trust, respect, and need each other.


Acting with courage

Our people are always aiming for the best and never accept the status quo. They challenge themselves and their co-workers to set ambitious goals. We know that taking action and standing still both carry risks. We choose the risk of action. If we fail, we reflect, learn, try again, and improve.


One team

We are stronger together. Our people work as one global team, removing barriers through open, honest communication, and collaboration across our organisation. They respect and value all people in our organisation, our business partners, and the communities we serve, just as they are.

Finding your dream job 

At Kao EMEA we offer jobs in 14 different countries, three different business sectors, various corporate functions, from entry level to senior positions. Check out our job portal to find your dream job with us!

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