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Molton Brown launches new luxury fragrance collection with refill system

On August 28, Molton Brown, London’s leading fragrance experts since 1971, have launched a new high-end Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette Collection, featuring 27 fragrances, created to “spearhead a pioneering new movement in British Perfumery; made by individuals for individuals”.  As a unique and sustainable feature, the collection also includes refill stations, enabling customers to refill their favourite perfume in a Molton Brown store and thus creating less packaging waste. The service will be piloted in four stores across the UK before officially being rolled out.

The collection has been imagined hand-in-hand with 10 visionary perfumers from a variety of ages, backgrounds and experiences to conceptualise experimental and diverse scents. Featuring iconic packaging by renowned designer Vincent Villeger, the collections’ aesthetic is created by artisans in England with a contemporary take on the brand’s seventies heritage.

To help customers find their personal signature scent, Molton Brown are also offering a “Fragrance Finder” that charts an emotional response to sensory stimulate and is available online and in stores. The service was also part of the first ever pop-up residence of Molton Brown, which opened early September in Covent Garden, London and gave customers the opportunity to self-discover and engage with scent and perfumery via a series of diverse and sensorially innovative experiences. 

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