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Guhl Talking Hands 2

Kao supports the start-up talking hands with iconic hair care brand Guhl

With a special edition of the iconic shampoo bottles of its hair care brand Guhl, Kao supports the Frankfurt-based start-up "talking hands", which aims to overcome language barriers and promote an inclusive communication. With the help of colourful flipbooks, the social start-up supports the communication of children with land without anguage impairments by teaching them signs.
To help talking hands raise awareness for this important topic, the Guhl shampoos appear in a special design during the campaign period: in colourful illustrations inspired by talking hands' flipbooks, the shampoo benefits are depicted with the help of illustrations of signs. In this way, Kao and its brand Guhl are supporting talking hands in their mission to integrate signs creatively and playfully into everyday life and break down language barriers. 

"When we saw and followed the story of talking hands, we were both touched and enthused by the positivity with which the founders Maria and Laura are committed to the topic of inclusive communication," says Armin Haery, Director Marketing Consumer Care Business DACH. "As a brand, we "talk" to our consumers every day - so why not use illustrations of signs? We then thought about how we could offer talking hands and their mission a meaningful and prominent platform. Our product label is the biggest communication surface we have - so we are very excited to see the Guhl bottles with the colourful illustrations of talking hands on the shelves". 

On the products of the Guhl x talking hands Limited Edition, the benefits of the respective line are depicted via an illustration of a sign, based on German sign language - designed and drawn by Laura Mohn, co-founder of talking hands. Kao also supports the mission with 1 Euro per Limited Edition Shampoo* sold. The amount raised will be used to equip educational institutions with talking hands flipbooks and thus support the playful learning of signs - for an inclusive and social togetherness.
Supporting talking hands is in line with Kao's corporate values, such as integrity, diversity and respect, as well as Kao's sustainability strategy, the Kirei Lifestyle Plan. The Japanese word "kirei" describes something that is clean, well-ordered and beautiful, all at the same time. For Kao, this not only includes the outer appearance, but also the attitude to improve life sustainably for all people on earth. This concept is also at the heart of Kao's Consumer Care Business. In addition to the strong commitment to quality and sustainable formulations and packaging, empowering consumers through brands that care for society plays a central role in the business and ESG strategy of the business.

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