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Kao Recognized as Supplier Engagement Leader by CDP for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Kao Corporation has been recognized, for the fifth consecutive year, as a Supplier Engagement leader for its initiatives in reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change across its supply chain by CDP, an international non-profit organization that drives companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse emissions.

CDP’s selection of Supplier Engagement leaders, in relation to CDP’s Climate Change program  questionnaire, was initiated in order to promote improvement from a supply chain perspective. It evaluated and assessed the carbon emission and climate-related risk reduction strategies that companies have implemented across their supply chain. Kao was recognized as a Supplier Engagement leader on the basis of a high appraisal of Kao’s efforts to influence its suppliers. This year, CDP named over 500 companies, including 105 companies based in Japan, on its Supplier Engagement leader board.

Recognizing its responsibility as an enterprise that provides products people use on a daily basis, the Kao Group takes active steps to reduce the environmental footprint of its products throughout the entirety of the product lifecycle. In April 2019, Kao launched its ESG strategy—the Kirei Lifestyle Plan, which incorporates 19 key leadership actions. Working together with its suppliers, Kao will continue to deepen its understanding of climate change and of the risks and opportunities relating to water resources and forests, so as to reduce carbon emissions across the product lifecycle. By integrating ESG into the core of its company management, Kao will drive business growth and better serve consumers and society through its enhanced products and services. With this socially conscious ethos, Kao will create a Kirei life for all—providing care and enrichment for the life of all people and the planet. 

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