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Molton Brown introduce new botanical hair care collection

Inspired by the brand's heritage of creating natural hair care in their original 1970s Mayfair salon, Molton Brown are following in the footsteps of their pioneering founders, whose forward-thinking, holistic approach to hair styling was delivered with a conscious care for the environment. As Molton Brown celebrate their 50th year, the brand is returning to its past and combining sustainable ingredients with innovative technology. 
The founders of Molton Brown rejected typical chemical formulas of the ’70s and made their own products in the basement of the salon, placing English herbs at their heart. With an ‘individual first’ ethos from the beginning, they championed natural beauty and hairstyles that suited each client’s unique self rather than following trends. 
Today, the brand has stayed true to their beliefs with four tailored collections: Balancing, Volumising, Hydrating and Repairing. They’re 100% vegan* and like all Molton Brown products, free from parabens and phthalates, and on top of this, silicone-free. 
Each collection is enriched with a sustainably sourced herb: fresh nettle, soothing camomile, aromatic fennel and uplifting coriander. As an homage to the brand's home, London, Molton Brown chose to grow the ingredients in once-abandoned underground tunnels, using remarkable hydroponic systems and LED technology. This means they’re produced year-round in a controlled, pesticide-free environment, unaffected by weather and seasons. Using 70% less water than a traditional farm, this method keeps all nutrients in a closed loop system to reduce agricultural runoff. 
With a heartfelt nod to the original Molton Brown packaging, the new bottles are designed in an apothecary-style brown shade with a illustration of each unique herb. They’re made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and are recyclable, helping to reduce virgin materials. 
“In my DNA, I wanted to do things naturally. When we opened the salon, it was very important that we wanted to be different and we wanted our products to be natural. We knew we only wanted the best, and knew what the best meant.” Caroline Burstein, Co-founder.
Click here to discover the new collection. 

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