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Kao receives German Packaging Award

On September 24, Kao received the German Packaging Award 2019 in the category “Functionality & Convenience” for its Goldwell Dualsenses Serum bottle. It was the only beauty care package awarded in this category and the only hair care product to win in this year’s competition. 
The judges highlighted the twin-chamber function of the serum: with a simple movement, two liquids are mixed into one final product, which can then easily be applied. “In the professional hair care business, hair stylists need products that they can use quickly, safely and intuitively. The excellent packaging fulfills this in full”, so the judges. “The excellent solution impresses with its simplicity of operation and filling. This is done through an innovative design that does not disregard aesthetic considerations."
The award is yet another proof point of Kao’s strong customer focus and commitment to continuous innovation and ongoing improvement. Understanding the needs of consumers and customers and developing products and brands with greater value is at the heart of Kao’s corporate values and lived
principles. With a focus on high-end beauty brands, Kao continues to build on its success investing in research and development, driving product innovation with a commitment to quality and safety.

Photography: Uwe Niklas, Steffen Kirschner 

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