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Kao, Der Grüne Punkt and Linhardt
present innovative and sustainable tube packaging

On October 17, Kao, together with Der Grüne Punkt and packaging manufacturer Linhardt, presented
an innovative and sustainable tube packaging at plastic and rubber trade fair “K2019”. The tube was developed for cosmetic products and made of recycled plastic waste - its body consists of 96% Systalen HDPE and is easy to recycle. Moreover, the material is odor-minimized and technically suitable for high-quality applications. 

Daniel Nebe, Group Leader, R&D Packaging Development, Kao European Research Laboratories, said: "Kao not only gives the consumer a quality promise, but also wants to offer packaging solutions that are both relevant to the needs of our consumers' as well as those of the environment. This tube represents a new generation of tube packaging, deliberately created in an innovation partnership and with a significantly improved ecological footprint".
As part of the company’s ESG efforts, Kao is strongly committed to constantly evolving its packaging solutions to increase recyclability without compromising on quality. Kao’s actions on packaging are driven by a 4R programme based on continuous improvement and bold innovation: reducing the amount of plastic used, replacing the material with recycled plastic where possible, enabling consumers to reuse their packaging an increasing the amount of plastic that is recyclable by consumers. For more information visit: https://www.kao.com/emea/en/research-and-development/rd-case-studies_how-kao-is-creating-sustainable-packaging/ 

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