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Kao releases Kao Integrated Report 2018

Kao Corporation released the English version of the Kao Integrated Report 2018 sharing Kao's values as a corporation and presenting its capabilities for achieving medium- and long-term growth. The report provides succinct explanations regarding the correlation between Kao's business strategies for securing sustainable and profitable growth, the foundation that underpins such growth, and the initiatives that will drive contributions to the sustainability of the world.

Kao will engage in activities that create positive impact on the environment and society through sound governance (ESG activities) more actively than ever before to ensure profitable business growth and sustainability of the world. For that purpose, the company defines "Kirei—Making Life Beautiful" as Kao's key message to cultivate corporate reputation at a global level. Through this message, the company will promote ESG activities befitting Kao.

Click here to download our Integrated Report 2018

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