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Kao expands international representation by appointing US and European members to its Global Management Team

Kao has announced two appointments to its Global Management Team. Karen Frank, President, Consumer Care, AEMEA, and Dominic Pratt, President, Salon, Global are appointed Executive Officers effective January 1st, 2022.
With these appointments, Kao is recognizing the important role of the Kao businesses in the Americas and EMEA regions for the future globalization of the Kao Groupwhile at the same time strengthening the international representation and diversity of their management board. With their new roles, Karen Frank and Dominic Pratt will be able to further strengthen the role of the AEMEA Consumer Products Business within the global business operations by giving the regions a strong voice within the Global Management Team and the ability to lead the businesses with faster decision making and greater autonomy. They will also be able to consult the leadership team in the company´s Tokyo Headquarters on international business matters. 

In addition, Kao announces that its consumer facing business in the Americas and EMEA regions with leading brands such as John Frieda and Jergens will now operate as Kao Consumer Care Business AEMEA. The renaming is a reflection of the future plans of the business to serve more consumers with a broader portfolio of brands beyond its current beauty focus. 

Karen Frank joined Kao in 2009 and has led the AEMEA Consumer Care Business in a variety of roles of
increasing responsibility over the years. Currently, in conjunction with leading the AEMEA Consumer Care Business as President, Karen Frank is also managing the role of President, Kao USA. She has expertly handled the demands of both roles through her strong focus on the brand priorities, consumers and customers along with the development of the right team to lead the Consumer Care Business.
“I feel honored to join Kao´s global management team as the first Western female Executive Officer. Becoming a more international and diverse leadership team will enable Kao´s business growth in the future and I am committed to support the company on this important journey”, says Karen Frank.
Dominic Pratt has been with the Kao since 2000, starting his career as Senior Scientist mainly working in hair color development, specifically the innovative Rainbow Technology, used in Goldwell Pure Pigments and other products, before he was appointed Vice President R&D, European Research Laboratories, in 2015. Since 2019 he has led the Skin Care Research group in Kao´s Tokyo headquarters before he was appointed President Global Salon in September 2021.
“Listening to the Genba, the local markets, has always been a core principle at Kao. Together with Karen, I want to ensure that the Americas and EMEA markets get a stronger voice in our global operations while driving our businesses with more agility and faster decision making”, comments Dominic Pratt.

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