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50 years of Molton Brown
The sustainability journey 

Throughout the brand’s 50 years, Molton Brown has always had a conscious care for the world around us. Since the very beginning, the founders were early pioneers in positive luxury – an ethos Molton Brown still deeply cares about. This includes being responsible for the path the products take to come into consumers’ hands, and being devoted to doing good while making them feel good. 

In recognition of the brand’s 50th anniversary, Molton Brown have issued their ongoing commitments to the planet and the brand’s sustainability journey:

We’re dedicated to reducing single-use plastic and virgin materials, which is why we’ve already started to make plastic bottles with 50% recycled PET - this reduces our use of virgin plastic by the equivalent weight of approximately 4.8 million Molton Brown 300ml bottles per year. This is a significant amount more
than the EU target to reach 25% recycled plastic bottle content by 2025. 

We recently launched our refillable programme, which includes Hand Wash Refill Pouches and glass bottles, and we’re working on more. In selected stores, we have a Fragrance Refill Service, so you can keep using your beautiful perfume bottle even after the last spritz. We’re currently piloting our ‘Return. Recycle. Reward.’ programme, where you can fully recycle your plastic Molton Brown bottles and receive 10% off your next purchase. Your returned bottles will be transformed into plastic resin, which can then be used for moulding new bottles, crafting shoes or building roads.

Our founders were committed to making their products in England, sourcing only the finest natural ingredients and rejecting typical chemical formulas of the ’70s. Today, we’re celebrating 50 years of being Made in England. Our Elsenham facility will be net carbon neutral by 2021, while offsetting our carbon
footprint. We’ve also used 100% renewable electricity there since 2016 and recycled nearly 98% of our waste in 2020.

We’ve never tested on animals since 1971 and we never will, plus we’ve been Leaping Bunny-approved since 2012. 

100% VEGAN BY 2022 Our formulas are 100% vegetarian and 97% of our products are vegan* – we'll be a 100% vegan manufacturer by 2022. *No ingredient of animal origin. We won’t make any non-vegan products from 2022
“We always had that consciousness, because we were interested in the planet.” Caroline Burstein, Co-found
“We’re honoured to be celebrating our ever-evolving sustainability journey. Driven by our pioneering legacy, our mission is to rewrite the rules of Luxury; putting uncompromising care at the heart of everything we do – be it with our People, our Products or our Places.’’ Mark Johnson, CEO

Born on South Molton Street, London in 1971, Molton Brown is an icon of uniquely British style. Our Eaux de Parfum and Toilette, and Bath, Body, Hair and Home collections have been Made in England since day one – and we’re committed to this for our future. Sourcing only the best ingredients in exceptional fragrance concentrations, our quality has awarded us with a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As part of our ever-evolving sustainable journey, we never have and never will test on animals, we run our own manufacturing facility in Elsenham and we champion beauty that’s kinder to the environment. Inspired by our progressive home, London, we work side-by-side with our eclectic set of perfumers to empower you with long-lasting, distinctive fragrances you’ll love.

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