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KMS launches Solid Shampoo Bars, bringing Kao Salon Divion's increased commitment to sustainability to life

KMS, the professional Kao salon brand that has been synonymous with creative passion for style for over forty years, introduces three professional Solid Shampoo Bars. The KMS Solid Shampoo breakthrough collection includes three solid bars, that are highly concentrated and formulated with natural ingredients, delivering the same professional-level and superior performance as known from KMS liquid shampoos. The solid formula is designed to save water during productdevelopment, reducing plastic and packing materials while lessening CO2 emissions.  

Each KMS Solid Shampoo’s outer container, a compact folding box made out of FSC paper, will communicate the brand’s sustainability values via QR code that can be scanned for more detailed information and a fully transparent product ingredient list.
The KMS Solid  Shampoo Collection includes:
KMS MOISTREPAIR Solid Shampoo: Formulated for normal to dry hair, the MOISTREPAIR Solid Shampoo
replenishes moisture and repairs damage. 79% of ingredients come from natural
origin. Contains nourishing Aloe Vera, known for including active ingredients,
such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
KMS ADDVOLUME Solid Shampoo: Formulated for fine hair, the ADDVOLUME Solid Shampoo provides body and fullness and gives limp hair a lift. 78% of ingredients come from natural origin. Infused with Eucalyptus, which is known for helping to provide fullnessand body.
KMS HEADREMEDY Solid Sensitive Shampoo: Formulated for all hair types, the HEADREMEDY Solid Sensitive Shampoo is an ultra-mild hair and body wash, perfect for sensitive scalp. It is pH-skin neutral and fragrance free. 80% of ingredients come fromnatural origin. Infused with soothing Rosemary and Chamomile.
These unique shampoo bars are free from sulfates, silicones, alcohol, synthetic colorants and animal-derived ingredients. They are formulated with the KMS AHA Structure Complex that improves both the internal and external structure of hair, leaving hair looking and feeling healthier. The collection is powered by KMS’s TRIfinity Technology, ensuring each bar is highly compatible with other KMS START, STYLE and FINISH products. For a complete regimen, the new Solid Shampoo Bars can be combined with any existing KMS
leave-in care product, further reducing water usage.
For more information, visit: KMS

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