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Kao New Logo

Kao revises its Corporate Slogan and Company Logo

Kao Corporation revised its corporate slogan, which was established in 2009: "Enriching lives, in harmony with nature" with the new slogan: "Kirei—Making Life Beautiful." 
The Kao Group launched the Mid-term Plan "K25" in January 2021. We aim to make ourselves necessary to the world as a company that "saves future lives", placing more importance on the global environment and human lives than ever before, without changing our mission of striving for the enrichment of the lives of people. 
In the new corporate slogan, the word "Kirei" expresses the specific value that Kao desires to provide to society.
We contribute to a thriving future for people all over the world by keeping the planet a viable place to live, eliminating harm and protecting lives, and creating a Kirei life where everyone can live in happiness. With this slogan at its core, Kao aims to contribute to society to an even greater degree and to create a world where all life can coexist and flourish. 
We also revised the company logo with the slogan and created the key visual that expresses our message contained therein.
The arc that underpins the entire logo symbolizes an uninterrupted view of the horizon, representing our planet. Together, the elements of the logo express Kao's commitment to maintaining a deep connection with people, society, and the planet in various situations, and to moving towards realizing a bright future for all life on Earth.

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