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Kao supports industry-wide project piloting a reusable transportation box in Germany

With the aim of reducing packaging in the supply chain between manufacturers and retail partners, Kao has joined the industry-wide project “Smart-Box” facilitated by GS1 Germany, a specialist organization for business standards across industries and countries. The reusable box is meant to replace the many different cardboard boxes and packaging films that are currently used while delivering a product from its production site to warehouses, logistics partners and eventually to the point of sale. To reduce unnecessary waste and make processes along the supply chain more efficient and sustainable, Kao and five other FMCG companies as well as five retailers have partnered up for this unique pilot, which will be rolled out in Germany in spring 2021 and focus on the drugstore segment in its first project phase. The production of the box will be realized by the companies Georg Utz and IPP.

As part of its global ESG strategy, the Kirei Lifestyle Plan, Kao is strongly committed to
reducing its environmental footprint and, among other goals, is continuously working on reducing waste, CO2 emissions, water and energy consumption in its entire supply chain. For more information visit: https://www.kao.com/emea/en/sustainability/

Photo Credit: Utz GmbH

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